Monday, December 5, 2011

The Three New Words: Adhocism, Bricolage & Subversion

The term "Adhocism", coined by theorist Charles Jencks back in 1968. It describes quick and effective problem solving using only the materials at hand.  For footwear, the heel is the obvious component to experiment with, the combination of unexpected form with unlikely materials achieving the full Adhocism effect.

Similarily to Adhocism, Bricolage describes the creative re-appropration of objects or materials with a complete disregard of the items original purpose. For footwear and accessories we see Bricolage as having a somewhat more considered aesthetic than Adhocism, with familar silhouettes remaining unchanged, the item's construction and surface becoming the main focus.

Here we use the word subversion to describe the disruption of a traditional form or silhouette. What might seem ordinary or everyday from one angle, is suddenly altered entirely when you look again. Championing this subversive approach to design for some seasons now, Acne Studios have been seamlessly transforming iconic footwear classics into oddly contemporary must-have items.

(quote from WGSN)

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