Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Expectations For Obama's Jobs Speech

We asked you to send us your expectations for President Obama's jobs speech that he'll deliver this Thursday. We got hundreds of responses and below are some of what you the voters had to say:

Sharon -

I would like to hear President Obama point out how much money U.S. big businesses have been making for the past 4 years, then point out how many jobs that they have created. I would like to hear about new jobs in science and technology, advanced study and job creation in alternative energy, job creation in advanced medical research and health care, new jobs in homeland security, jobs in infrastructure improvement, jobs that will help improve our education system, jobs building affordable homes, jobs should pay a living wage (enough to raise a family on and live comfortable, provide health care, help pay for continuing education, provide a pension or retirement package.

I would like to hear that the President intends to stand up to the Republicans , no more Mr. Nice Guy! The Republicans intentions are to make Obama look like a failure. It is GET TOUGH ON REPUBLICAN TIME!! No more favors, no more bowing down or giving in to them, take the lead instead of being led around.

I am very proud of President Obama and Vice President Biden and I support them in 2012
Warren -

I would like to hear the President tell us that his repeated caving in to corporate special interests and right wing ideology is not some cynical strategy on his part. Does he really think that by betraying his core support and pandering to the right he is guaranteed my vote simply because the Republican candidate is even worse? Think again. At this point I will either vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all. I am completely and utterly disgusted.
Donald -

I have been unemployed for a year now. I am 59 and have a college degree in Mathematics. I am now looking for part-time jobs. I want to know what will be done immediately to create jobs in the next week, not the coming months. I have worked since I was 12 and have never felt so much discrimination because of my age or experience. What will be done to tell American employers that their attitude against over-qualified or older workers has got to stop. It is evil pure and simple.

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