Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review. If you're looking for the perfect concealer to cover all your flaws this is your answer. You can thank the heavens above because this baby covers everything. Honestly it has taken me so long to find a good concealer and this one the name literally says it all. There's one other really good concealer that I will be recommending later but this is one of the best out there.

What Amazing Cosmetics Says It Does:
The AmazingConcealer is formulated to erase all skin imperfections: Dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes, redness and more. There's nothing on the market today that can compare to the AmazingConcealer and it's ability to erase all skin imperfections. Unlike traditional concealers, the AmazingConcealer is so concentrated, you only need to use tiny pin-dot amounts of product to create the skin you've always wanted but thought you could never have. A beauty insider's favorite, the AmazingConcealer is your "magic eraser."

What I Say It Does:
I have a really weird line on my nose. I have no idea where it came from.. my mom says it because I wore nose plugs while swimming but that's another story. Till this day it remains a mystery but anyhoo I've tried so many different concealers to try to cover the line. Most settle into it mid day and some just wear off but this covers beautifully. Giving the flawless finish as it never was there. If you have something you want to cover up, acne, dark circles, scars this is the product to try.

It took a while, but I finally got my paws on Amazing Cosmetics concealer! In the end I bought it from QVC (in the UK) and got a Light to Medium Kit.

Amazing Concealer is supposed to be used anywhere you want on the face. You use just pin dots of the product (especially around the eyes)…they say:

To erase other skin imperfections such as: broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes and redness, also apply in small pin dot amounts. Remember, a little goes a long way.

I bought the kit with 2 concealers, a brush and a mixing jar because the shading is a little off. I’ve found that the colours are a little off, and can be a bit darker than expected.

I originally got Dark Tan as it calls itself medium but its way way way too dark for my NC30-35 complexion.

Amazing Cosmetics got launched here in Singapore recently and Ive been dying to check them out! The AMAZING COSMETICS CONCEALER is known to be a huge hit with many, so I wanted to try them out and see if it really is, all that amazing! AMAZING COSMETICS. So I made my way to Sephora to have a look. Its merely HALF of a regular counter but there was no one else there so I took my time to swatch all the various concealer shades.

The concealer comes in 7shades and TWO sizes!
The bigger regular sized tube costing $63 and the smaller one costing $42.
I decided to get te smaller one cuz I wanted to test it out. So from the testers, I chose the appropriate shade for myself and grabbed the small box. I then picked out some other knick knacks and made my way to the cashier.

Make your cheeks stand out with the Blush Matte from Amazing Cosmetics. This particular shade is ideal for almost all skin tones, and it lasts long all day.

We hope you enjoyed this Amazing Cosmetics Blush Matte article!

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