Thursday, July 21, 2011

puma shoes

The Pumas shoes are a well known brand of shoes all over the world. The logo of a jumping puma on the shoes make the shoes stand out in any situations. The Pumas shoes have a history that many people do not know about.

It was initially started by two brothers in Bavaria. They were using their parent’s resources to start out on their business of making shoes. These shoes were the ones that preceded what were later to be called as Pumas shoes.

The first person who wore the shoes was Jesse Owens who actually was able to win the four golds in the Olympics mainly because of the shoes that were fixed with spikes that were also part of the shoes that were marketed by these brothers.

Once the other people learnt of the magic woven by these shoes, they were suddenly popular and demand came in from every corner of the Earth.

The two brothers went their separate ways and each of them founded their own company. One was the Adidas and the other was the Pumas shoes. The fact that these Puma shoes are mainly designed for the sports events is well known.

This has made the shoe become very popular with people who are not only participating in athletics, but with all those who are participating in various games.

The Pumas shoes are designed very well. There are many variants that are available. Some of them are available with the spikes that are used by sportspersons and the others are for regular use that any person can wear.

The wide varieties of designs that are available in the Puma shoes have made them to become very popular with people of all ages and countries.

The sales of these shoes have been increasing over the years mainly because of factors like the comfort and the durability of these shoes.

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