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Peking (Beijing) Opera Photo Tour

Known as the national opera of China, Peking (Beijing) Opera is the most influential and representative of all the operas in China, and one of the three main theatrical systems in the world. Based upon traditional Anhui Opera, Peking (Beijing) Opera has also adopted repertoire, music and performing techniques from Kun Opera and Qingqiang Opera as well as traditional folk tunes.

It took the best from each style and eventually formed its own highly stylized music and performing techniques. Peking (Beijing) Opera is a blend of music, dance, art, acrobatics, and martial arts.

With its beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes, and graceful gestures, Peking (Beijing) opera has developed into a comprehensive art. Filled with many aspects of Chinese cultural, Peking opera presents the audience with an encyclopedia of Chinese culture. Its repertoire includes historical plays, comedies, tragedies and farces.

The facial makeup of Peking (Beijing) Opera highlights and exaggerates the principal features of the characters. One major characteristic of Peking (Beijing) Opera is the colors painted on the face of a character. It is vital to the understanding of a play. This is a feature unique to Chinese opera (See following pictures and interpretations).

Character Make-up Portfolio

Characters for Theater, Film, and Television

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup

Among the most fun and fulfilling Halloween accessories there are is makeup, and there are so many looks and feels you can create that it's a real blast to get some inspiration to design your own unique Halloween look as well as those of your loved ones or friends.
There are a lot of Halloween makeup products on the market, as well as some regular make as well you can employ for your own Halloween artwork.
Think of the type of character you want to create first and a basic costume that would go with it, then from there you can build out the entire character by adding Halloween accessories, and finally the crown jewel of your persona: Halloween makeup.

I'm not going to get into a lot of Halloween makeup tips, but one thing to consider, especially for the face, arms and torso, are to lay a solid foundation as a canvas to work on; and the best and easiest to work with is white, although any will do depending on the character or look you want to develop.

Also think of things like scars, wounds, eyelashes, or numerous other Halloween accessories you can add to complete your masterpiece.
I've included a number of Halloween makeup photos hear to give you some ideas and inspiration to work from.
You don't have to be intimidated, as there's no one way to do it, and in the end, it's the experience and fun of doing it together, or for others to enjoy the end product that counts.

More zombie Halloween makeup

 Making your face into a Halloween mouse is always fun and easy to do, but it also seems to never go out of fashion. Add a couple accessories like the ears and nose and you never lose with this look.

Another easy Halloween makeup look that is great

The makeup look below is so professional looking, and yet look at the lines and colors, and you can see how simple and easy this is to create. The hair, again, really adds to the feel of the face, which would be great at any Halloween party.
This is a great pattern to work from for a variety of things you may want to create, just catch the detail and how it was applied in every area of the face.

Halloween fairy makeup

This is a really fun Halloween be face, and look at how easy and simple it was to do. You of course have to have those antennae, as it wouldn't be a bee without them. But see the way the lines on the face were done, and how easily and quickly you could do it. Really nice.

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