Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Priyanka Chopra's planning for her wedding

Priyanka Chopra's planning for her wedding: Priyanka Chopra says she has been planning her wedding for many years. She also has several venues finalized for the wedding.

In the second anniversary issue of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, Priyanka opens up and talks candidly about various personal subjects, not the least of which is her plans to get married not once or twice or thrice but six times.

“I have been planning my wedding since as far back as I can remember! My ideal scenario is getting married six times (to the same man of course),” Priyanka tells the magazine.

Not just this, she has also decided different venues for the wedding.

“My dadaji's (grandfather's) house in Ambala - my 'big, fat Indian wedding'; underwater at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; a church in Las Vegas - wearing a short black dress and with the priest dressed as Elvis; the intimate ceremony - at a small, beautiful church in Locarno, Switzerland. It's on top of a hill that overlooks parts of Germany, Italy, and Switzerland,” she reveals in the issue slated to hit the stands on Wednesday.

Priyanka also wants to have a nikaah because she thinks it is a beautiful, romantic ceremony.

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