Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An HONEST Huckabee: Pres. Obama Will be Tough to Beat in 2012

Beating Obama in 2012 would be like
"climbing a ladder, pointing toward you."
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who ran in 2008 for the office, came out on Monday and said beating the most electrifying president in American history would be like "climbing a ladder, pointing toward you."
It is a very grueling process.I think the fact that I've done it before gives me both a sense of gravity toward the process, but it also gives me an understanding that it's not always smart to be the first guy out of the corral and out there in the arena riding around on your pony by yourself.

You don't beat presidents easily.And this idea that he's just an absolute one-term and easy to beat - this race is going to be like climbing a ladder, pointing toward you, because Barack Obama is going to start this race with a billion dollars, he's going to have no primary opponent.
When Sarah Palin came out against First Lady's "Let's Move" program, which is designed to eliminate obesity by promoting healthy food and exercise, Mike Huckabee actually defended Michelle Obama by saying, "she's point out the obvious facts." It looks like, after Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee might be the honest republicans among potential 2012 candidates.
The Republicans are going to have a crowded field, all elbowing their way under the basket for the layup, and it's not going to be a layup," he continued. "It's going to be a tough shot? So, I am thinking very carefully.

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