Friday, January 22, 2010

President Obama: “I won’t stop fighting”

Earlier today, President Obama spoke at a town hall meeting in Ohio about his resolve to keep fighting for health insurance reform – and to keep fighting on all the challenges ordinary Americans face in their lives, and the challenges we all face together as a nation:

“I'm going to keep on fighting for real, meaningful health insurance reform. We expanded the Children's Health Insurance Program to include four million kids -- we already did that. But we are also going to fight to hold the insurance industry accountable, to bring more stability and security to folks who are in our health care system. And, yes, I want to make sure that people who don't have health care right now can get some. It's shameful that we don't do that.”
The President then spoke about why he’s in this fight, where we’re at after a tough week, and his determination not to back down in the face of D.C. insiders who doubt progress on reform:
“I've got to admit, we had a little bit of a buzz saw this week.... And I understand why, after the Massachusetts election, people in Washington were all in a tizzy, trying to figure out what this means for health reform, Republicans and Democrats; what does it mean for Obama? Is he weakened? Is he  -- oh, how's he going to survive this? That's what they do.
But I want you -- I want you to understand, this is not about me. This is not about me. This is about you. This is not about me; this is about you. I didn't take this up to boost my poll numbers... I didn't take this on to score political points. I know there are some folks who think if Obama loses, we win. But you know what? I think that I win when you win."

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